jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Antwerp-belgium fashion city

Fashion Show of Antwerp´s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
In this famous fashion show students from all four years have the opportunity to show their designs. Last June the show took place in the Northwest of the city, near the big cannal.

Amazing catwalk!!

And If you go to Antwerp these days, you should make a black parade into…
Masters of Black in Fashion & Costume exposition.
During my recent trip to Antwerp I went to MOMU to enjoy this exposition which illustratetes different historical phases of the colour Black, with examples from painting, historical costume and contemporary fashion.In the 16th and 17th centuries, Antwerp was one of the Europe´s principie centres for dyeing Black textiles. Nobles and wealthy citizens wore blacj to hace their portraits painted.
Since the 1950´s, Black continues to reappear as the preferred colour of countercultures andi s ubiquitous in the clothing of various subculturas and intellectual movements.

Although Black has been considerated many times as the lack of color, and its meaning depends on the culture, in Western fashion, Black is considerated stylish, powerful, sexy and above all, the most elegant color.
At last but not least, is very interesting the way to iluminate the exposition, because is really dark, with a faint light, because in few seconds your eyes adjust to see in the dark.

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